Spending even 5 days in the Osa Peninsula/Rainforest can be far beyond any expectation.  When you are practicing yoga 2x day in this pristine environment, the moments of transformation and epiphanies are many.

Proper alignment in yoga is important to not only minimize any risk of injury but allow us the room to grow, change and advance both on and off the mat.  On the mat with form and intensity we can physically see how the body changes.  However, off the mat and in everyday life are our values in alignment with the way we live?  A good and regular yoga practice can help you to become clear about your life.  At the same time, it can also take some courage.  Take a few moments after a yoga class writing down what your values are and how you want to be living your life.  Then ask yourself if you are close to living the life that you wrote down.  Ask yourself what changes do you need to make.  Is there anything you need to start or stop doing.  What about the people in your life?  What about your work and where you live?  This exercise can definitely feel scary.  It also takes a lot of practice, courage, discipline, time and patience. But just like the practice of your asanas on the mat getting easier, the stronger and easier it becomes off the mat and true transformation happens.  By consciously making good choices, many new doors can open.  



We all face periods in our life where we ask ourselves: What's next? It is common for people to feel burnt out from their work or everyday routine. When this happens we sometimes feel uninspired, unmotivated, and just plain tired from the daily humdrum of life. We don't always have time to cook our healthiest meal or even take a yoga class. And we wonder what it would be like to have more hours in the day to do more of the things we love and be more fulfilled. In going through this period it can be difficult to see through to the other side and discover what really is next. We can even feel scared and lonely during these challenging times. This can also be a time to check in and see if we are just making excuses for ourselves. Maybe we can use our time more wisely and make better choices. Perhaps this is a great opportunity for change! My biggest shift this year has been to not wait one more moment to live my most healthy, happy and vibrant life! In doing this I am looking deeper in to what I need, and how I can contribute my skills and knowledge to both myself and the world. I am in the process of refining my business and rebranding so I can better serve you and be the happiest version of me. It's a challenging, deep process and I am excited to see it unravel. If you are in that moment wondering what next, let it come. The answers are there and you will discover what is next. At our retreat, people come from all over and for various reasons. Many people are just wanting an exciting but relaxing vacation with yoga. Some come to get away to amp up their yoga practice, exercise routine, lose weight and eat healthy. Others are looking for a safe place with like-minded peeps. But whatever the reason is, over the years that has made this trip so rewarding are the attendees who have had epithines or life changing experiences. It has been those individuals who have gained the most of the experience, the reason I started and continue these retreats. Surrounded by nature, secluded in a tropical rainforest with only steps to the ocean one can find peace, harmony, laughter, complete love of life, and for oneself. Answers have been discovered for all who have come on these retreats. Even my repeat attendees find something new during the trip. That has been one of my biggest satisfactions in hosting them. So come join us in Costa Rica. Your answers are waiting for you! Pura-Vida, ❤️ Marsha

Our 9th Annual Yoga Retreat is upon us and it's a special time: special for so many reasons.  Personally, it's so incredible to believe that this retreat has had such longevity and praise.  If it's your first time with us, welcome and congratulations on this wonderful opportunity to gain new experiences.  To those who are returning, thank you and I am so excited to once again share this time with you.

Nicuesa is located in one of the most pristine places in Costa Rica and sought out by many people from around the world.  Surrounded by the rainforest and ocean, only to get there by boat, Nicuesa is a unique and special destination spot.  It is truly a magical one where one comes alive by the supporting environment breathing in clean fresh air, (or what we yogis call prana), eating healthy, delicious love-filled meals, practicing yoga daily, unplugging from our everyday lives.

You can feel the earth beneath you with each step, alive with nature and experiencing its wonder by walking, hiking, many water sports, yoga 2xday (optional), laughing and smiling with other like-minded people.  The staff at Nicuesa makes you feel comfortable and at ease tending to your needs making your stay even more enjoyable.  I like to think of the retreat like a spa/adult camp that helps to aliven your spirit and bring out the child in you.

Three years ago, I took a 20" suitcase and spent 84 days exploring Costa Rica, thinking I should find another location to bring my people in case they were bored of the same place.  However, I had people repeat the trip two and three times.  But still, I thought I should be sure.  The following year I spent 60 days in Costa Rica in order to finally realize I have the best place!


Along with Nicuesa, our first and last night lodgings are very special too!  Our 50-minute flight on the local small plane that seats about 12 people, along with our 20-minute boat ride to the lodge does add a nice touch to our adventure.  What I feel people love so much also is that the only job they have is getting to the local airport in San Jose, Costa Rica as I have arranged everything from the minute they land at the airport.  One can truly unplug from their daily routine and immediately feel like they are on vacation. 

At Nicuesa we practice our yoga outside on a beautiful wooden platform in the rainforest and only a few steps from the ocean.  Without mirrors or an enclosed room, we breathe in fresh highly oxygenated air, surrounded by nature and the incredible sounds of the forest.  We practice our yoga in a more sensory way with greater awareness. This pristine environment supports us in a way without daily mental disturbances in order to go deeper in to a meditative yogic state of practice and elevated state of higher consciousness.

Whether you are looking for somewhere to practice your yoga, improve your practice, practice for the first time, looking for a new place to journey, a getaway, a life-changing experience whether solitary or with someone, we welcome you. 

This is a trip to be remembered and etched forever in your memory.  Come join us and Liberate your Potential!


Pura-Vida!  (Pure Life)