Thanks to Marsha White, Norman and I were introduced to Nicuesa. In 2012 we took our first visit here and it was truly life changing. Nicuesa is extra ordinary in every way. From the moment we reach the dock to the last evening. You can't help but learn at every turn. And the staff is genuinely kind, thoughtful and interested/passionate about sharing their knowledge with us. We are in awe. Thanks to Donna and Michael for sharing their vision and dream with all of us. It's a gift to not have the world imposed on us here. Till we meet again! Pura Vida...
Sylvia & Norman - Ashburn, VA
Dear Marsha, another great trip to Nicuesa! The yoga was great, the company was fantastic, and you are a most gracious hostess and guide. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Norman M. - Ashburn, VA

Thanks for all the yoga! Here's what I know & learned.
1. The girls are a lot better than the guys.
2. You will never completely master this practice so get used to that.
3. Balance, Flexibility & strength are probably the best anti aging formula which Bikram provides.
4. It's a lot better to practice by the ocean with no mirrors. I can watch B Horror movies at home.
5. I loved the food, the people & whole experience.
6. Kerry & Jenny are the funniest girls I've ever met & great athletes. I think of them like daughters.
7. Marsha will have to follow me around my whole life so I can place my hands on my heals in camel pose.
9. No one wanted to do contact yoga but I love doing it with Jennifer. 10.Marsha is more like our yoga mom.
11. Jennifer & I plan to come back if you do another trip.
Pura-vida! Kerry P (known to us as KP), Laguna Beach, CA
Three years ago I was in a Bikram Yoga studio in Ft. Lauderdale. I saw a flyer advertising two of my most beloved things. Costa Rica (the Osa Peninsula to be exact) and Bikram yoga. "Where do I sign up?" Well, I did not sign up as life has a way of happening while you're busy making other plans. Then one day about 1 1/2 yrs ago who should start teaching at Bikram Yoga Laguna Beach but Marsha! "You're the person who putsw on the retreat!" My husband Kerry and I eagerly signed up. The past two years have been tough. I'll spare you the details, but on this trip I was able to remove my even present knee brace and hike pain free! This place is magical. We will be back...Namaste
Jen E - Laguna Beach, CA
This trip ranks among the top trips I've ever taken. Costa Rica is amazing, and Marsha is a fabulous guide and teacher. Practicing yoga outside as the sun rises over the ocean is a unique and magical experience. Your yoga practice will improve and you'll have an amazing time hiking, kayaking, snorkeling and otherwise exploring the incredible rainforest. This trip should not be missed!
Angela - Washington, DC
Dear Marsha, What a wonderful week it has been, Thank you. I feel fortunate to have studied under your tutelage so early in my practice. Although I am new to yoga, I too have practiced incorrect postures. All of those who were amenable greatly appreciated your tenacity in helping us to keep the integrity of the postures; and in taking us out of our "cruise control" yoga and forcing us to be present. I can't begin to explain how your statements like: "follow the breath," listen to your body, "have no judgements and no expectations," "leave your egos outside the door," helped me to understand what I was missing in my practice. Knowing that you were here only for a week, you could have let us continue practicing mindless yoga! I respect and admire you for instead persevering so that we could learn what you were willing and felt compelled to teach us. After 4 days of your instruction not only did yoga begin to make sense but I now practice the violin with unexplainable ease. I'm not suggesting it has become easy but it is no longer thought of as an obligation. Obviously my mindset has changed. You enabled that change. I'm not quite certain which words made it all come together for me but, it was undoubtedly something you said during one of your classes.Marsha may you retain the ebullience with which you teach your students.
All those who learn from you are indeed fortunate as am I.
Andy Setauket - Long Island
Marsha, Thank you for teaching me so much and showing me that limits are only in my head. I give you a fish so you can swim in any kind of water. Love you very much, Thank you.
Nurit - Tel Aviv, Israel
Marsha, It has been such a pleasure getting to know you. I tell my husband that you are an angel who has exposed me to so many possibilities. I thank you for the gift of your friendship and wish you the best on life's journey.
Rosanna - Ft Worth, TX
Dear Marsha, I want to thank you for all your support, you have really helped me to hold on at the hard moments! I hope we will meet somewhere soon! Love You!
Anat - Tel Aviv, Israel
Marsha Marsha Marsha, This was a fantastic time. I came here stressed and stiff and I am leaving open and flexible. What a gift.
Thank you! Susan - Ashburn, VA
Dear Miriam (Hebrew name for Marsha), All of us, Yaniv, Asaf, Maayan, teachers and loving students, want to thank you for your great contribution in bringing Bikram yoga to Israel. It is due to your devotion and love for this practice and to your true belief in the yogic path that has helped us to bring this healing practice to people in Israel, and develop this studio in its first steps. You are most appreciated for your knowledge, talented teaching and open personality and will be missed by all of us. We all wish you great success in any new path you choose to take.
Sincerely, All of us, Bikram yoga Israel
Thank you so much Marsha. This was a life changing vacation for me. I learned so much. You made a dream come true for us all!
Love Tammy - New MX
Dear Marsha Thank you for putting all your energy in to the planning, preparation, teaching and entertainment for all of us. We love you and know all you give will come back tenfold!
Love Wendy - Baltimore, MD
Marsha, Thank you for sharing your passion and vision of Bikram Yoga! This was a fantastic trip...every detail was thought through... What a wonderful mix of people... I appreciate being included and your feedback regarding my attempt at the postures!! I wish that the joy and grace that you bring to others...come to you in ways that you cannot even begin to imagine.
With love, Renee - Baltimore, MD
Marsha, Thank you for your vision and enthusiasm. It was a great experience, and I learned quite a great deal. I really didn't know what to expect with bikram yoga and the rainforest on top of it...but it all fit together so was a great combination. I know your yoga journey will continue and you will pass it on to others on your way...and they will benefit greatly.
Kate - Washington, DC
Marsha, You are a shining beacon of light, love and inspiration. I feel so enthused about my life and future having spent time with you!
Love always, Alma - Los Angeles, CA
Dearest Marsha, I loved the retreat because of your love and passion. I think of your beautiful smile whenever I need a mental hug. Thank you for all your help.
Sophia - Washington, DC
Dearest Marsha, My Guru... thank you for all the many gifts and your wisdom. I am loving the adventure I am on and may it continue. This has been a wonderful retreat.
Cary - Washington, DC